About Ina Hoopina

My journey to the hoop dance

For the first time, in June 2010, I’ve seen my sister hooping. I was immediately fascinated by the beauty of the movements and the countless opportunities of the creative compositions of this way to dance. The first shaky attempts of rotating the hoop around my waist awakened my ambition! Two weeks later I could start practicing with my own hoop. Since then, this passion has never dropped, my hoops are enriching my daily life and have brought me to many people who are sharing this passion with me. In the meantime I achieved my trainer license, I taught weekly classes at the sports club VfL Eintracht Hannover, I now teach workshops in my hometown Hardegsen and at events.

In 2012 I started to run the annual German Hoop Convention together with friends in Hannover, where we gather more than 100 hoopers and teachers from Germany and all over the world for learning together, making new friends and have fun.

Today, hoop dance inspires me still as much as back in the days and I look forward to share this passion with other people in my classes and my audience.

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